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Manta Ray EV Charging

Manta Ray EV App in iOS and Android

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Contact-less automated payments

Our NFC tags are uniquely programmed for each host and attached to the charger. With the Manta Ray app, drivers can automatically check-in and out, start and stop parking and charging sessions using these NFC tags. Drivers can easily set up payment methods, and payment is automatic, using Apple/Google Pay.

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Booking & Payment  System

Manta Ray app caters to EV drivers and hosts. The app enables drivers to search for nearby charge points while hosts can set their charging points' availability. It also features a wallet for automated payments and analysis of income and trends for hosts, showing their earned MREV tokens' value.

Dynamic Pricing

Manta Ray EV's Dynamic Pricing system is a game-changer in the EV charging market. Our system automatically adjusts prices based on real-time occupancy, giving EV hosts a competitive advantage. This means they can capture more revenue during peak hours and use competitive pricing to drive traffic during slower periods. With revenue increases of 12-27%, our Dynamic Pricing system is a must-have for EV hosts.

Personalised Route Planning

Manta Ray EV's Personalised Route Planning feature sets us apart from the competition. We use your previous history and preference settings, along with weather, traffic, events, Points of Interest, and the availability of Manta Ray charge points to present you with the best possible routes. Our map interface makes it easy to plan your journey and stay on track.

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Secure Platform

In-App Rewards

To ensure the success of Manta Ray, the MREV token is essential. This token is earned by drivers and hosts through KYC, referrals, and reviews. By holding MREV tokens, you become an owner of the marketplace, with 1 token equaling 1 vote on Governance and Feature proposals. The MREV token is critical for the network effect and success of Manta Ray.

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At Manta Ray, we prioritize the security and reassurance of our marketplace. By incentivizing users to perform KYC and hosts to verify their charge point, we ensure a high level of verification. Our users value this verification and feel secure in using our platform.

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